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Do alleged Alberta cyberbullies need criminal defense counsel?

Bullying has always been a part of playground happenings in the old days, but cyberbullying is even more hurtful, more intense and more heartbreaking because bullies can hide behind their scathing words. But cyberbullies in Alberta can also choose to impersonate others, so no one really knows who is doing the bullying unless the bully wants to make himself or herself known. Cyberbullies may need criminal defense counsel if charged with cyberbullying

Hateful comments in Canada could mean needing criminal defense

Some people might not realize that some comments they leave on social media sites could be construed as being hateful. Even if they aren't using their own names, there are ways of ascertaining identity and, depending upon the comments posted, they may need to find themselves a criminal defense lawyer. If the hateful comments target a specific group, they could be seen as being criminal.

Criminal defence in Canada: The Mile High Club spells trouble

Many airplane flights are long and boring. Some passengers -- no doubt some Alberta residents too -- decide to become "members" of the infamous mile high club or, in other words, having sex on an airplane. They may have fun in the moment, but it could also mean possible criminal charges and arranging for a criminal defence team once their feet are back on the ground.

Alberta criminal defense: Is a fake firearm cause for alarm?

Anyone who thinks pointing a fake gun at someone as a joke or just for a bit of fun might want to think again before taking aim. Alberta residents who do might find themselves in need of criminal defense. If the person at whom the gun was aimed doesn't get the joke, charges could be forthcoming. Pointing that fake firearm could lead to various charges in certain circumstances.

Criminal defense: 4 Alberta residents up on drug, weapons charges

Four Sylvan Lake residents are facing drug and weapons charges after recent search warrants executed on four homes and two vehicles in the municipality located about 150 kilometres north of Calgary. Two men, ages 38 and 55, and two women, ages 29 and 55, were arrested after a two-month investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  All four Alberta residents are likely now focused on their criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Alberta man arrested for carjacking

A 26-year-old man is facing a number of charges after being arrested for armed carjacking. The Alberta resident will need a good criminal defense team to fight the charges. He is facing eight of them – some stemming from using a gun in the incident.

Child pornography charges in Alberta require criminal defense

A 32-year-old Alberta man is facing child pornography charges. The Sherwood Park resident and former camp counsellor is likely focused on his criminal defense in order to fight the charges. The man's residence was being operated as a day home by his mother, though police acknowledge that no children there were harmed.

Criminal defense: Alberta cop charged with theft times 3

An Edmonton police officer is facing three charges of theft in connection with three separate incidents. The  40-year-old officer is likely working on his criminal defense after the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) investigated him in connection with three incidents of theft under $5,000 – on Oct. 4 last year and on May 10 and Aug. 2, this year. The ASIRT claims the officer lifted cigarettes, cash and a prepaid debit card on those dates while he was on duty.

Alberta soldier will need criminal defense in sex assault case

Sexual assault charges were recently laid against two Canadian soldiers in two unrelated cases. The assaults allegedly happened in Alberta's capital of Edmonton and at the Canadian forces base (CFB) at Wainright, Alberta. One of the soldiers may need criminal defense counsel depending upon the results of an on-going investigation.

Criminal defense: Accused man remanded to psychiatric care

A man who was charged with a series of bizarre attacks is now undergoing a psychiatric assessment, according to local news. The Calgary man was arrested in connection with a series of assaults that sent three men to the hospital. The court expressed concerns about the man's ability to stand trial, so prior to being assigned criminal defense representation, the court ordered the man to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 

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