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Guiding You Through Firearms And Hunting Charges

Charges related specifically to hunting situations can severely limit your hunting privileges for lengthy periods of time. Convictions can also impact your ability to work, travel and potentially harm your professional and domestic relationships.

My name is Rick Muenz, criminal defence lawyer. My Calgary-based firm, Muenz Law Office, is dedicated to protecting your rights and freedoms surrounding the use, storage and maintenance of firearms such as guns and rifles.

Hunting Activities And Practices

As a criminal defence lawyer serving clients throughout Alberta, I have specific experience guiding clients through firearm charges directly related to hunting situations. I understand the industry, the standards, and the laws surrounding the activity, and how they apply to your situation.

Firearm and hunting charges can range anywhere from the maintenance of a firearm to the careless storage of ammunition. I can provide legal support for issues such as hunting in restricted areas, improper tagging and licensing, as well as advocacy for your rights against suspensions and probations.

Guiding You Through The Legal System

With a keen understanding of firearm and hunting laws, I can provide you with a clear set of options for how to defend your case. I will outline:

  • How the law applies to your case
  • The defence options available
  • Realistic outcomes
  • Reasonable timelines for the legal process

I understand how your rights and freedoms can be affected by a conviction. My goal is to help you avoid a criminal record, or if the details are a bit challenging to circumvent, pursue sentencing options with minimal consequences to you.

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