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Regardless of criminal charge, you need strong representation

The authorities in the Calgary, Alberta, area take all criminal charges quite seriously. While violent crimes such as sexual or domestic assault and murder are the most serious, even minor charges can have a lasting impact on your life. The lawyers with the Muenz Law Office know that people looking at criminal charges of any kind hope to reduce the penalties leveraged against them should conviction occur. This is why we offer our skill and our services to those accused of crimes in Calgary.

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, even minor offences can incur costly fines and time in prison. More serious indictable offences such as those involving violence can up the penalties even further. That is why it is so important to seek out legal guidance from a firm with the experience and knowledge to fight on your behalf.

Further, the earlier you acquire representation, the better your chances for a favorable outcome. The lawyer you choose will benefit from ample time in which to work on creating the proper defence strategy. Waiting until the last minute can be a serious detriment to your case. Giving your lawyer time to understand you and become knowledgeable about the particulars of your case will provide you with the strongest defence.

Another benefit of seeking early legal guidance occurs when the defence team has time to study the Crown's information about your case. The Crown must disclose to your legal team any and all evidence it has against you whether or not it proves your guilt. With enough time, your lawyer can study the Crown's case and devise a defence applicable to your unique needs.

Please review our website for more information about our lawyers and our approach to defence against charges of violent crimes and more.

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