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Using the truth during a criminal defense

Calgary residents can find themselves in trouble with the law for any variety of reasons. Perhaps the individual was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time and is completely innocent of the allegations. Or he or she could have committed the crime in question but has a very good excuse for breaking the law. In the latter situations, the "defense of truth" can be a very powerful path to take in one's criminal defense. In fact, there might be a lot of situations in which an individual had no choice but to break the law, and courts are generally open to such explanations if they are reasonable.

For example, imagine a defendant was at a late night party where everyone was intoxicated, even himself. Then, a serious injury occurred and no one was available to drive the accident victim to the hospital except for the defendant. In spite of being drunk, the defendant drove the person to the hospital and saved the injured person's life. In the meantime, though, upon arriving at the hospital the intoxicated person is arrested and charged with drunk driving. Here is a situations where a Calgary court might be willing to bend its interpretation of the situation, as the defendant had no choice but to save his friend and drive while intoxicated.

In another situation, a defendant might admit to a crime that he or she was forced to commit due to coercion. For example, maybe the defendant had to help rob a bank or else her child or lover would be killed.

There are a lot of ways that a committed crime could be explained that a court might deem to be reasonable. However, it is important for these reasons to be examined by an experienced Calgary criminal defense lawyer before a defendant tries to use them in court. At the Muenz Law Office, we provide criminal defense services to Canadian defendants for all manner of crimes. We are available to listen to the facts of your case and advise you the most appropriate steps you should take in your criminal defense proceedings.

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