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What do police look for to find drunk drivers?

You probably know that police need a reason to pull over a driver and see if he or she is drunk. They can't just make assumptions, like pulling over random cars after the bars close to see if drivers are intoxicated. There must be an indicator that suggests the driver is drunk, and they can then look into it further. So, what types of signs are they looking for?

Boating and drinking in Canada

Drunk driving is a significant problem here in Canada. Drunk boating gets less attention. However, as the country with the world's longest coastline as well as a large number of freshwater lakes, boating under the influence is a concern of law enforcement and the Crown. Whether you're in a sailboat, speedboat or other type of watercraft, if you are operating it while impaired, you're endangering yourself, your passengers and others on the water.

Have you been accused of DWI in Calgary?

A lot of Calgary residents who are arrested and charged with drunk driving wrongly assume that there is nothing they can do to defend themselves against the allegations. However, motorists accused of driving while intoxicated should remember that they will remain innocent of the charges until they voluntarily plead guilty to the charges or until they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. In this respect, drivers accused of DWI will have several options: plead guilty, challenge the legality of the arrest or challenge the evidence.

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