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Have you been accused of DWI in Calgary?

A lot of Calgary residents who are arrested and charged with drunk driving wrongly assume that there is nothing they can do to defend themselves against the allegations. However, motorists accused of driving while intoxicated should remember that they will remain innocent of the charges until they voluntarily plead guilty to the charges or until they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. In this respect, drivers accused of DWI will have several options: plead guilty, challenge the legality of the arrest or challenge the evidence.

Pleading guilty is one of the fastest ways to get back on the road and driving again. However, drivers will be required to install a ignition interlock device that analyzes their breath for alcohol every time they get in their cars. Pleading guilty will also negatively affect one's criminal record, can result in stiff fines, put a black mark on one's driving record, increase insurance premiums and involve some other high expenses.

As for fighting the legal grounds for the arrest, this involves showing that police did not follow appropriate procedure when stopping the driver for the alleged DWI offence. It is not uncommon for police to make procedural mistakes and/or to disregard a driver's rights during the arrest process. If these kinds of procedural violations occurred, then it may nullify any evidence that the prosecution is trying to use against the defendant. As for fighting the evidence, this might involve challenging the results of a Breathalyzer test, or challenging eyewitness and/or police officer accounts of what happened before and during the arrest.

Calgary residents will have various options available to them if they are accused of DWI. As such, it is not necessary to immediately plead guilty to the alleged offences. At the Muenz Law Office, we help accused drivers consider their legal options in this regard.

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