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What do police look for to find drunk drivers?

You probably know that police need a reason to pull over a driver and see if he or she is drunk. They can't just make assumptions, like pulling over random cars after the bars close to see if drivers are intoxicated. There must be an indicator that suggests the driver is drunk, and they can then look into it further. So, what types of signs are they looking for?

1. Drivers who are very close to the inside or outside edges of the lane.

2. Drivers who go too wide when turning, perhaps swinging through the other lane.

3. Drivers who have near misses where they almost crash into other vehicles, pedestrians, stationary objects, and the like.

4. Drivers who are weaving and swerving all over the lane; sometimes, these drivers even leave their own lanes and swerve into others.

5. Drivers who are going the wrong way down the road, especially on a one-way street.

6. Drivers who hit their brakes abruptly and erratically.

7. Drivers who do not have their lights on at night.

8. Drivers who turn without using their turn signals.

9. Cars that are very close to the vehicles ahead of them.

10. Drivers going very far over or far under the speed limit.

11. Drivers who signal one direction and then turn or merge in the other direction.

12. Drivers who stop when they had no reason to, perhaps at a green light.

Those who are accused of drunk driving need to make sure they know their rights in Canada, especially if they believe the police had no reason to pull them over in the first place.

Source: Old Colony, "How to Spot a Drunk Driver," accessed April 14, 2016

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