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Child pornography charges in Alberta

Sex-related criminal charges involving children are some of the most serious crimes that Alberta residents can be charged with. Just because an individual was arrested and accused of such crimes, though, it does not mean that he or she will be convicted. Indeed, everyone accused of a crime will be entitled to his or her day in court and no punishment will be imposed on the person until -- and only if -- he or she is proven to be guilty.

How to appeal a notice of suspension on a driver's licence

If you have received a notice of driver's licence suspension, you may want to try and appeal it. The first thing you have to do in this process is buy an Application for Hearing. Those are purchased at any Alberta Agent office and there are two kinds of Appeal Applications: 1) non-oral, which costs $125 and requires written submission, and 2) oral, which costs $250 and requires you to personally appear in front of the board. If the appeal is successful, however, this application cost will be refunded.

Grovedale pickup truck driver charged with DUI in fatal accident

Police say that one person died and another person was seriously injured in a crash caused by an allegedly drunk driver In the Grand Prairie, Alberta, area. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, an all-terrain vehicle and a pickup truck crashed into each other on a recent Friday night about 24 kilometres outside Grand Prairie.

Could a cough drop result in a false drunk driving charge?

The extra-long Victoria Day weekend is one that sees a lot of drunk drivers clogging our roads. For that reason, police are out in full force throughout May Long Weekend, trying to monitor the road for drunk drivers and bring offenders to justice. However, police are not always accurate with regard to the drivers they choose to arrest.

Calgary driver accused of drunk driving after fatal accident

A 38-year-old man was killed in a tragic bicycle versus car crash in Calgary. The crash happened during the early morning hours on April 26, when the cyclist was struck by a car. Following the collision, the motorist who struck the man drove away.

Children as witnesses in a domestic assault case

Alberta residents accused of domestic assault will have the right to defend themselves against the charges in court. If successful in their defences, they may be able to overcome the prosecution's attempt to convict them and walk free of the charges. Alternatively, they might be able to obtain a reduction in the severity of their punishments in the event of conviction.

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