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Child pornography charges in Alberta

Sex-related criminal charges involving children are some of the most serious crimes that Alberta residents can be charged with. Just because an individual was arrested and accused of such crimes, though, it does not mean that he or she will be convicted. Indeed, everyone accused of a crime will be entitled to his or her day in court and no punishment will be imposed on the person until -- and only if -- he or she is proven to be guilty.

That said, sex-related crimes, especially those that involve children, can ruin a person's reputation in the community even if no conviction never occurs. The simple act of being arrested and accused can cause someone to lose his or her job, disrupt his or her marriage and ruin friendships in an instant. That is why, at Muenz Law Office, whenever we are assisting someone with his or her child sex crimes defence, we take great strides to keep the matter as discrete and confidential as possible, and we handle the defence as diplomatically and sensitively as we can.

Even if an individual is innocent of the alleged crime, there could be strong evidence against him or her. For example, if the offence involved child pornography, accused individuals might be found to have child pornography on their home computers even if they never accessed the material and did not know about it being on their computers.

When it comes to any criminal defence matter in Alberta, an experienced attorney who knows the full extent of the law -- including what laws and punishments are likely involved in the allegations -- can be an important asset to defendants.

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