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Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada urges provincial DWI reforms

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada takes issue with the nation's impaired driving record, claiming that, by international standards, it is poor. The organization hopes to see more initiative at the territorial and provincial level to combat the slow pace of the federal government to address the problem of impaired driving.

During last year's Provincial and Territorial Legislative Review, MADD unveiled the countermeasures for impaired driving that they would like to see implemented. They include the following:

-- A graduated three-year, comprehensive program for licensing new drivers that gives police express enforcement powers; electronic device ban; provides highway, nighttime and passenger restrictions and mandatory administrative drivers licence suspensions on the roadside when program conditions are breached.

-- .00 per cent blood alcohol content limit for drivers 20 and younger, or those having fewer than five years' experience driving.

-- Prohibitions for testing positive for illicit psychoactive drugs for drivers 20 or younger, or those having fewer than five years' experience driving.

Both of the above also come with recommendations for statutory express police power to enforce, as well as mandatory ALS.

MADD Canada also wants to see a minimum ALS of one week for those with a BAC of .05 per cent, vehicles impounded, fees for licence reinstatement of between $150-$300 with the suspensions recorded on the offender's record.

This is but the tip of the iceberg of MADD Canada's proposed agenda, and while it is unlikely that they will be able to push forth all of their proposals, it's clear that they want to may getting a DWI as onerous as possible. Avoiding conviction requires a skillful and well-crafted defence.

Source: MADD.CA, "2015 Provincial and Territorial Legislative Review," accessed July 01, 2016

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