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Do you have to give police your name, address and identification?

When you're stopped by police in Alberta, they're likely to ask you if you have any identification, what your name is, and where you live. Of course, you can provide them with this information if you'd like. However, if you're not driving a vehicle, you generally don't have to give it to them. You can politely refuse.

DWI charges and demerit points cause licence suspensions

Alberta drivers should be aware of the demerit system that is in place regarding their driving records. The system operates under the auspices of the Motor Vehicle Administration Act and motorists who acquire too many demerit points by racking up traffic offences and other driving convictions face potential suspension of their drivers licences.

Avoid charges of intoxicated boating

Calgary residents who would never consider drinking and then attempting to drive may be more sanguine about having a few beers on their boat with friends out on the lakes or rivers around the city. But the consequences of alcohol use and boating can be every bit as severe as those for impaired driving on land.

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