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As we head into the Halloween weekend, it's important for Calgary residents to remember there will be many opportunities to consume alcohol at various parties and other events. That's fine, but what isn't fine is getting arrested for impaired driving.

A conviction for impaired driving has many long-lasting consequences that are always better avoided than ameliorated. Here in Calgary, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police take the offence of drunk driving very seriously and aggressively pursue those they believe have imbibed before getting behind the wheel.

Sometimes that pursuit can be a little too aggressive, especially when combined with Crown prosecutors who have a lock-em-up mentality. As with so many other things in life, appearances can be deceiving in cases of suspected impaired driving.

One of the ways to determine whether a driver is drunk is for police to administer a Breathalyzer test to the driver. Breathalyzers monitor drivers' blood alcohol content, and can be a reliable indicator of impairment.

But that only applies when stringent equipment maintenance conditions have been not just upheld but documented clearly. Those administering the blood alcohol tests must also have been certified in the proper techniques and procedures. If either of those conditions is not met, the Crown's case can crumble like autumn leaves under sturdy boots.

The criminal defence lawyers at Munez Law Firm have much experience defending our clients against charges of impaired driving. While there will always be cases where it is in the defendant's best interest to enter a plea, simply having a legal professional as your courtroom advocate can bolster your case in some circumstances.

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