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December 2016 Archives

Criminal defense: man in Calgary charged with drug crimes

Police have reported that a routine traffic stop took a sharp right-turn into an unplanned drug bust. Calgary authorities arrested a 30-year-old man after finding what they believe to be cocaine and other drugs in his possession. So far, it has not been reported if the man has secured criminal defense representation. 

Woman in Calgary has drunk driving charges pending

As a family holds a vigil for a young man who tragically lost his life back in October, the woman accused of being responsible for his death could be facing criminal charges. The 28-year-old Calgary woman prepares to face drunk driving charges that, if she is found guilty, could have serious repercussions on her future. The charges are still pending as of this report. 

Criminal defence: Calgary man charged with drug trafficking

A routine drunk-driving checkpoint was the site of an arrest on the evening of Dec. 2, according to local police. Calgary officers in tandem with Mothers Against Drunk Driving volunteers happened upon a man police now believe may be guilty of drug trafficking. There is no word as to whether the man has retained criminal defence as of this report. 

Calgary police to expand drunk driving charges

Each holiday season, local police launch three government-subsidized checkpoint projects meant to curb drunk driving in Alberta. This year, Calgary police have already begun filing drunk driving charges against multiple motorists who tested over the limit for alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, even if an individual is charged with drunk driving, there are still legal options available to pursue. 

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