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Criminal defense: man in Calgary charged with drug crimes

Police have reported that a routine traffic stop took a sharp right-turn into an unplanned drug bust. Calgary authorities arrested a 30-year-old man after finding what they believe to be cocaine and other drugs in his possession. So far, it has not been reported if the man has secured criminal defense representation. 

According to Calgary police, the now-accused man was pulled over by officers for a traffic stop. It was not made clear what the infraction was that caused officers to detain him. However, it appears they may have searched his vehicle. Whatever they found, which was also not clarified in the report, led them to search a nearby apartment believed to be a drug stash location. 

Police say they seized what they believe to be $30,000 worth of cocaine, $610 worth of OxyNEO tablets and over $5,000 in funds (in Canadian and United States currencies) from the car and the apartment. It is unclear whether the apartment belongs to the accused man. It was also not reported whether police obtained warrants for the searches of the car or the apartment. The man has been arrested and charged with eight counts of proceeds of crime, seven of trafficking and one for possession of cocaine with intent to traffic. 

It will be up to Calgary authorities to prove that not only was the man intending to traffic drugs, but that their search was legally conducted in accordance with the man's rights under criminal defense law. If the searches were unconstitutional, or if the man's rights were in any way curtailed, any evidence found by police may not be considered admissible in court. In addition, defense could argue in favour of a reduction of charges if police failed to observe due process. 

Source:, "Calgary police arrest man, seize more than $30,000 in cocaine during drug bust", Dec. 27, 2016

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