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January 2017 Archives

Criminal defence: Alberta man faces drug charges

A man in Edmonton is facing serious charges following the seizure of some $1 million in heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine by drug enforcement agents. The 32-year-old Alberta man was the subject of a search by police that led to his arrest for drug trafficking. The man is likely focused on his criminal defence, though no date has as yet been announced for his trial. 

Calgary police officials seek criminal defense

Two law enforcement affiliates are facing serious charges. The president of the Calgary Police Association as well as a police constable attached to that department are facing assault and perjury charges in relation to a 2008 arrest. Both individuals have sought criminal defense representation to combat these allegations. 

Drunk driving charges filed against Alberta man

Police in Edmonton are investigating a man who is accused of smashing into multiple vehicles while performing donuts in a parking lot. Alberta news has reported the man may be facing drunk driving charges following the bizarre event. So far, the man has not been publicly identified by police and no court date has been set. 

Wife of former Canadian mayor faces drunk driving charges

Canada's financial capital was in the public eye for some time thanks to the widely-publicized stories of Mayor Rob Ford, who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction before passing away due to complications from cancer. Now, Calgary residents may be surprised to hear his widow Renata is facing similar challenges as Toronto police have filed drunk driving charges against her. She is due in court this month to face these charges. 

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