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Breath test refusal can land you behind bars

In Alberta, police have the right to stop motorists whom they believe may be impaired. If they then have reason to suspect the driver of consuming alcohol or using drugs within three hours of taking control of a vehicle, they can order the suspect to submit to a breath test. Furthermore, if for any reason a breath test cannot be executed, a urine or blood test done by suitably qualified individuals may be ordered. Breath test refusal can have severe consequences.

Criminal defense: Drug bust in Alberta

Three people in Lethbridge have been arrested following a police raid officers say uncovered a litany of evidence pointing to a drug ring. Alberta law enforcement executed a search warrant in early March, resulting in three arrests. The individuals now face drug trafficking charges. It is unknown if they have retained criminal defense representation at this time. 

Man acquitted of drunk driving charges

A recent ruling in Ontario has seen a man go free after being charged with driving under the influence. The man was arrested in 2014 after a car accident and was hit with drunk driving charges by police. However, the charges were dropped in a recent trial. Here in Alberta, requirements for drunk driving charges under the law can influence cases in a similar way. 

Driver faces drunk driving charges in Calgary

A wrong-way collision on Deerfoot Trail has sent three women to the hospital, local sources have reported. Calgary police were on the scene in the early morning of March 5 after a man they believe was intoxicated reportedly struck another vehicle. The man is now in custody facing drunk driving charges

Drunk driving charges, other charges facing Alberta man

A bizarre string of events led to the arrest of one man following an extended police chase, according to the RCMP. Alberta authorities have confirmed they now have the unidentified man in custody. He faces 13 separate charges, including drunk driving charges, breaking and entering and a host of others. No court date has yet been announced in this case. 

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