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Drunk driving charges, other charges facing Alberta man

A bizarre string of events led to the arrest of one man following an extended police chase, according to the RCMP. Alberta authorities have confirmed they now have the unidentified man in custody. He faces 13 separate charges, including drunk driving charges, breaking and entering and a host of others. No court date has yet been announced in this case. 

According to police reports, the events of Feb. 21 began around 5:50 p.m. when police attempted to pull over a vehicle they described as "suspicious". Apparently, the driver attempted to flee police but only succeeded in driving his vehicle into a ditch, whereupon he fled on foot. Police gave chase and found him attempting to solicit a ride from an uninvolved motorist. 

The man was arrested and placed in a police cruiser but apparently escaped custody a second time. Police dogs tracked him to a nearby home he allegedly broke into, but when police attempted to apprehend him, he fought them off and escaped again. Shortly thereafter he was found hiding in a tree. He was arrested again and now faces charges including drunk driving, assaulting an officer, and breaking and entering.

The charges filed against this man, including the drunk driving charges, will all have to be backed up by evidence in an Alberta court when the case is seen. Police will be responsible for proving the man was intoxicated at the time he initially fled his vehicle, which may prove difficult, as no sobriety testing appears to have been conducted at the time. While the additional charges may be difficult to disprove, it is possible the drunk driving charges could be dropped if police cannot provide evidence of his intoxication. 

Source: CBC News, "Foot chase, fight, tree climb end in slippery suspect's arrest", Feb. 24, 2017

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