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May 2017 Archives

Driver faces drunk driving charges, multiple other charges

A man accused of seriously injuring a world-record seeker in a hit-and-run is being hit with multiple charges, according to the RCMP. Alberta provincial police worked with RCMP forces to track down the man, who faces drunk driving charges as well as several charges pertaining to a number of robberies police believe him to have committed in the days leading up to the accident. He was scheduled to appear in a Calgary court on May 17. 

Criminal defense: man faces charges in alleged hit-and-run

A 47-year-old man is facing serious charges in the death of another man last year, according to local sources. Calgary authorities arrested the man some six months after an alleged hit-and-run that killed a 54-year-old man last November. The charges were formally announced on May 10, and it is believed the man has been taken into custody. It is unknown if he has sought criminal defense representation at this time. 

Criminal defense: 5 charged in Alberta

Five people are facing child endangerment charges after police raided two homes that were allegedly full of drugs. Alberta police conducted the raid in Lethbridge and say they seized some $100,000 worth of cash and drugs from the residences. The five will also be facing several other drug-related charges each. Each individual is likely focused on his or her criminal defense options as the cases head to court. 

Law change may lead to breath test refusal punishment

Sweeping changes to Canadian law may be just around the corner, and some experts believe these changes will give unprecedented powers to police officers. Here in Alberta and across the nation, new laws are being introduced that would allow police to request mandatory breath tests roadside, and even to approach a suspect at their home hours later. As part of these changes, breath test refusal would now carry a heavy criminal consequence. 

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