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Criminal defense: 5 charged in Alberta

Five people are facing child endangerment charges after police raided two homes that were allegedly full of drugs. Alberta police conducted the raid in Lethbridge and say they seized some $100,000 worth of cash and drugs from the residences. The five will also be facing several other drug-related charges each. Each individual is likely focused on his or her criminal defense options as the cases head to court. 

The raid took place on May 5. Police executed four different search warrants that led them to the two homes. Upon entering the homes, police say they found a sizeable amount of what they believe to be cocaine. They also recovered $77,000 in cash they believe was raised through the sale of drugs, as well as two vehicles and a bicycle. Between the two homes, five people were arrested: three men between the ages of 28 and 42, and two women aged 26 and 19. 

Young children were also found in both homes. Police say they remanded custody of these children to child protective services upon the arrest of the adults found on the premises. All five defendants face charges of child endangerment under the Drug Endangered Children Act, as well as several other drug charges likely to include trafficking. 

All five adults will have their day in Alberta court to argue their cases. Criminal defense attorneys will likely wish to review the prosecution's proposed evidence before it is presented to the court, most specifically the search warrants that allowed police to enter both homes. If the searches were conducted in a manner inconsistent with these warrants or otherwise violated the rights of one or more defendants, some or all of the seized property could be ruled inadmissible at trial. 

Source: Metro News, "Five charged after Alberta police seize drugs, money in homes with young kids", May 10, 2017

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