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June 2017 Archives

Criminal defense: Accused man remanded to psychiatric care

A man who was charged with a series of bizarre attacks is now undergoing a psychiatric assessment, according to local news. The Calgary man was arrested in connection with a series of assaults that sent three men to the hospital. The court expressed concerns about the man's ability to stand trial, so prior to being assigned criminal defense representation, the court ordered the man to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 

Criminal defense: Calgary man charged for alleged death threats

Police in Calgary have arrested a man who has been accused of uttering death threats, according to news sources. Calgary RCMP were tasked with investigating a threatening phone message left for Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ralph Goodale. The man is now in police custody, though it is unclear whether he has retained criminal defense representation at this time.  

Bus driver in Alberta faces drunk driving charges

A school bus driver in Red Deer is facing criminal charges following an accident, according to local sources. Alberta authorities arrested the 42-year-old woman after she allegedly crashed her loaded bus into a tree. While no one was injured in the crash, she still faces drunk driving charges for her role in the accident. 

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