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Criminal defense: Accused man remanded to psychiatric care

A man who was charged with a series of bizarre attacks is now undergoing a psychiatric assessment, according to local news. The Calgary man was arrested in connection with a series of assaults that sent three men to the hospital. The court expressed concerns about the man's ability to stand trial, so prior to being assigned criminal defense representation, the court ordered the man to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 

The 28-year-old man was apprehended shortly after 10 p.m. the night of June 20 after allegedly assaulting three separate people over the course of several days. The first attack is said to have taken place around 11:30 p.m. the night of June 17, with the victim being rushed to a hospital in life-threatening condition. The second and third attacks also involved the victims being struck in the head with a hard object, and the second two victims were also found in dangerous condition. 

The man was brought into court the morning of June 22, but immediately, there were concerns about his ability to understand what was happening. The court recommended he be evaluated by a court psychiatrist to determine his fitness for trial. His meeting with the court psychiatrist was scheduled to take place on June 23, prior to any further court appearances. 

In cases where the mental fitness of an accused person is called into question, such an evaluation is common. Calgary criminal defense representation may wish to review the findings of the psychiatrist before the next court appearance to determine if a defense may be prepared and presented based upon any medical findings. Proving the man mentally unfit to stand trial could profoundly influence how the case is handled moving forward. 

Source: CBC Calgary, "Man charged in random downtown Calgary attacks to have psychiatric assessment", June 22, 2017

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