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Criminal defense: Calgary man charged for alleged death threats

Police in Calgary have arrested a man who has been accused of uttering death threats, according to news sources. Calgary RCMP were tasked with investigating a threatening phone message left for Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ralph Goodale. The man is now in police custody, though it is unclear whether he has retained criminal defense representation at this time.  

According to the report presented by the RCMP, the 48-year-old man is believed to have called Minister Goodale's residence and left a threatening voice mail. The content of the message has not been made public, but it has been confirmed by police sources that it included at least one death threat. The message was investigated by the National Security Enforcement Team, which was able to trace the call back to a residence in Airdrie. 

Authorities moved in and arrested the man on June 8, apparently without incident. He now stands charged with one count of uttering threats. He was scheduled to appear for the first time in a Calgary Provincial Court on the morning of June 12. 

As with any criminal defense case, the burden of proof is on the Calgary prosecutors to prove the man was responsible for the phone call. While the RCMP and K-INSET were able to trace the call to a specific residence, this does not necessarily prove the man placed the call himself, merely that the call was placed from that line. If they are unable to match his voice to the message, or if any part of the search warrants involved in corroborating this information fail to meet legal standards, it is possible the charges against the man could be dropped. 

Source: CTV Calgary, "Calgary man charged for uttering threats against Ralph Goodale", Michael Franklin, June 10, 2017

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