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Child pornography charges in Alberta require criminal defense

A 32-year-old Alberta man is facing child pornography charges. The Sherwood Park resident and former camp counsellor is likely focused on his criminal defense in order to fight the charges. The man's residence was being operated as a day home by his mother, though police acknowledge that no children there were harmed.

The man once worked as a counsellor at a camp for teens located about 40 kilometres outside Edmonton. Police say they began investigating the man this past July when they were given information by the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children regarding an internet user in Alberta who was uploading child pornography. Reportedly, that is when the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team's (ALERT) child exploitation unit began its investigation.

Formal charges against the man are possessing child pornography and making child pornography available. ALERT was initiated in 2006 to investigate many crimes including drug trafficking, gang violence and crimes against children. A criminal charge is a serious one and those accused typically benefit by relying upon the advice of a lawyer.

The expertise of an Alberta lawyer experienced in criminal defense is often necessary to contest formal charges. It is incumbent upon the Crown to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Typically, defense counsel will review all evidence collected during the police investigation and examine how any searches were carried out. If police didn't conduct searches to the exact letter of the law, some evidence might be ineligible to be presented in court. A lawyer will guide the accused throughout the proceedings and will work toward securing a positive outcome for the client.

Source:, "Man from Sherwood Park day home arrested on child pornography charges", Aug. 30, 2017

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