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Drivers license suspension or revocation: Stunt driving

No drivers ever seem to get in trouble in the movies when they're operating a motor vehicle in a dangerous way. That can include stunt driving. But the movies usually don't depict real life. So, drivers who feel the need for speed and engage in stunt driving in Alberta and in the rest of Canada may find themselves with a drivers license suspension or revocation

Stunt driving is usually defined as driving a motor vehicle in a contest on a roadway while performing a stunt as per a bet or wager. It could also include such things as spinning wheels, drifting, drag racing side-by-side, operating the vehicle from anywhere other than the driver's seat or spinning the vehicle, which is also known as doing donuts. Those types of actions are against the law in all provinces and territories in Canada.

There is no specific charge for stunt driving, although those allegedly caught doing so could be charged with dangerous driving. That offense is basically defined as operating a motor vehicle in such as way as to be considered dangerous to the public. The charge is no laughing matter and carries with it severe penalties. If convicted, a person could face a hefty fine and up to six months in jail or both.

If someone is found guilty of an indictable offence, he or she could be spending up to five years in prison. If the stunt driving leads to someone's death or severe injuries, more charges could be added. A driver could face not only provincial charges, but federal criminal charges as well.

Those in Alberta who are suspected of stunt driving and formally charged with an offense due to it, should consult a lawyer experienced in crimes and misdemeanors law. Among other penalties, those so accused could face a drivers license suspension or revocation. A lawyer will be able to review any evidence to assess whether the charges are warranted, and can offer advice to a client about the best way to answer the formal accusations in court.

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