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November 2017 Archives

Police in Canada, FBI make arrests in drug case

A tag team operation between the FBI and the RCMP has resulted in a number of arrests in connection with organized crime in both countries. The arrests came after years of investigating alleged drug trafficking and money laundering both in Canada and the United States. Those charged will need criminal defense counsel.

Criminal defense: 11 arrested in Calgary drug bust, more expected

More than $4 million in illegal drugs have been taken off the streets, Calgary cops said. The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) began a massive investigation into the sale of illicit drugs in Cow Town in 2016. The investigation has resulted in 11 people facing more than 125 criminal charges for which each will need to mount a criminal defense. All those charged are from Calgary.

New pot law and drivers license suspension or revocation

Impaired driving laws will be getting some revisions in Wild Rose Country. The Alberta provincial government will bring its laws into line with a recent court decision that indicated that drivers license suspension or revocation was unconstitutional when imposed indefinitely. The new law for impaired driving would suspend a driver's license for 90 days.

Do alleged Alberta cyberbullies need criminal defense counsel?

Bullying has always been a part of playground happenings in the old days, but cyberbullying is even more hurtful, more intense and more heartbreaking because bullies can hide behind their scathing words. But cyberbullies in Alberta can also choose to impersonate others, so no one really knows who is doing the bullying unless the bully wants to make himself or herself known. Cyberbullies may need criminal defense counsel if charged with cyberbullying

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