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Do alleged Alberta cyberbullies need criminal defense counsel?

Bullying has always been a part of playground happenings in the old days, but cyberbullying is even more hurtful, more intense and more heartbreaking because bullies can hide behind their scathing words. But cyberbullies in Alberta can also choose to impersonate others, so no one really knows who is doing the bullying unless the bully wants to make himself or herself known. Cyberbullies may need criminal defense counsel if charged with cyberbullying

The Criminal Code of Canada stipulates that it is a criminal offence to post pictures or videos online of an intimate nature without consent of the person in those photos. Posting those kinds of images is classified as cyberbullying, and apparently, the incidents are increasing. Quite often, it is done as a form of revenge after a nasty breakup of a relationship. Whatever the reasons, the person on the end of the bullying suffers emotionally, and in extreme cases, people have been known to commit suicide allegedly because of it.

Judges can now order the pictures be removed if they were posted without consent. Those charged and convicted of such cyberbullying could face dire consequences. They could be facing jail time for up to five years among other things. Other Criminal Code charges dealing with cyberbullying can include uttering threats, identity fraud, criminal harassment, extortion and intimidation, to name a few.

The laws governing cyberbullying are relatively new. An Alberta lawyer is in a position to answer all questions pertaining to the issue. Those accused of such online criminal activity have the right to discuss their case with a criminal defense lawyer. It is incumbent upon the Crown to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source:, "What are the potential legal consequences of cyberbullying?", Accessed on Nov. 3, 2017

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