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Police in Canada, FBI make arrests in drug case

A tag team operation between the FBI and the RCMP has resulted in a number of arrests in connection with organized crime in both countries. The arrests came after years of investigating alleged drug trafficking and money laundering both in Canada and the United States. Those charged will need criminal defense counsel.

The recent raids were carried out by about 150 police officers that culminated in 75 charges and nine arrests. Six kilos of fentanyl and a kilo of the deadlier carfentanil were seized by the RCMP. Also seized, according to the authorities, were sizable amounts of heroin, MDMA, meth and millions of contraband cigarettes. While investigations were happening north of the border, the FBI was making some arrests of those allegedly connected with big name organized crime families.

The New York officers said several associates and members of a couple well-known mafia organizations were indicted for laundering money, trafficking cocaine and loan sharking. Two of those charged could face mandatory 10-year prison sentences with possible life in prison. According to FBI statistics, there are more than 3,000 members of the mafia and their affiliates operating in the United States -- about 25,000 worldwide.

Canadian arrests include two brothers with alleged connections to the mob. Additional warrants are out in Canada for people facing organized crime charges, drug charges and weapons charges. Police say opioids such as those that were seized are infiltrating illegal drug supplies in both countries recently, which has led to an increase in deaths by overdose.

Those in Canada charged with a criminal offense like drug trafficking would do well to rely upon the guidance of a savvy criminal defense lawyer. In Canada it is incumbent on the Crown to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Those charged with these crimes have the right to mount the best defense possible.

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