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New pot law and drivers license suspension or revocation

Impaired driving laws will be getting some revisions in Wild Rose Country. The Alberta provincial government will bring its laws into line with a recent court decision that indicated that drivers license suspension or revocation was unconstitutional when imposed indefinitely. The new law for impaired driving would suspend a driver's license for 90 days.

Drivers license suspension or revocation: Stunt driving

No drivers ever seem to get in trouble in the movies when they're operating a motor vehicle in a dangerous way. That can include stunt driving. But the movies usually don't depict real life. So, drivers who feel the need for speed and engage in stunt driving in Alberta and in the rest of Canada may find themselves with a drivers license suspension or revocation

Alberta drivers license suspension or revocation causes hardship

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said an Alberta teen who was showing off for his friends is now paying a hefty price. The 17-year-old from Fort McMurray was recently handed down a 30-day driver's license suspension and a $1,000 fine after he was stopped for speeding on a weekend in May. The RCMP said they clocked the youth going 197 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. In similar circumstances, a driver faces a drivers license suspension or revocation.

DWI charges and demerit points cause licence suspensions

Alberta drivers should be aware of the demerit system that is in place regarding their driving records. The system operates under the auspices of the Motor Vehicle Administration Act and motorists who acquire too many demerit points by racking up traffic offences and other driving convictions face potential suspension of their drivers licences.

On what grounds are drivers' licences suspended in Alberta?

In the province of Alberta, drivers can have their licences suspended and they are barred from driving not just in the province but all over Canada. The same applies here when a driver gets a licence suspension elsewhere.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada urges provincial DWI reforms

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada takes issue with the nation's impaired driving record, claiming that, by international standards, it is poor. The organization hopes to see more initiative at the territorial and provincial level to combat the slow pace of the federal government to address the problem of impaired driving.

What is the Alberta drivers' license suspension program?

The Alberta government has the right to issue an immediate Notice of Suspension/Disqualification to any driver who provides police with a blood or breath sample that shows an alcohol content of more than 80 milligrams percent. The government can also revoke driving privileges from individuals who refuse to submit to a toxicology or breath alcohol test. The government has the right to do this under the Traffic Safety Act.

How to appeal a notice of suspension on a driver's licence

If you have received a notice of driver's licence suspension, you may want to try and appeal it. The first thing you have to do in this process is buy an Application for Hearing. Those are purchased at any Alberta Agent office and there are two kinds of Appeal Applications: 1) non-oral, which costs $125 and requires written submission, and 2) oral, which costs $250 and requires you to personally appear in front of the board. If the appeal is successful, however, this application cost will be refunded.

Have you been accused of DWI in Calgary?

A lot of Calgary residents who are arrested and charged with drunk driving wrongly assume that there is nothing they can do to defend themselves against the allegations. However, motorists accused of driving while intoxicated should remember that they will remain innocent of the charges until they voluntarily plead guilty to the charges or until they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. In this respect, drivers accused of DWI will have several options: plead guilty, challenge the legality of the arrest or challenge the evidence.

Alberta Impaired Driving Program for New Drivers

Alberta has zero tolerance for drinking and driving, but not just for experienced adult drivers. New drivers of any age are subject to the zero tolerance policy. As a matter of fact, there is a program against drunk driving just for new drivers. It is called AZAT for short, meaning "Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance."

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