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Sep 1 2023

Tips for Choosing the Right Criminal Defence Lawyer in Calgary

When faced with a legal issue that requires the expertise of a criminal defence lawyer, the right one can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. If you're searching for a reliable Criminal Defence Lawyer in Calgary, keep reading and follow these valuable tips to ensure you make the best choice for your legal needs.


  1. Research Extensively

Start your search by conducting thorough research. Use search engines to find Calgary criminal defence lawyers or Calgary criminal lawyers and compile a list of the potential law firms that interest you. Make sure to visit their websites to get a sense of their practice areas, expertise and the experience of their legal team.


  1. Check Their Reputation

Reputation speaks volumes about a lawyer's credibility and track record. Look for online reviews, testimonials and case results. A law firm with a solid history of successful cases and positive client feedback is more likely to provide you with effective representation.


  1. Experience Matters

When it comes to legal topics, experience is invaluable. You should choose a lawyer who specializes in criminal defence and has extensive experience handling cases similar to yours. A seasoned lawyer will have a better understanding of the legal system and how to navigate it in your favour.


  1. Evaluate Their Expertise

Criminal defence law is complex and ever-evolving. Ensure your Calgary criminal defence lawyer is up-to-date with the latest legal developments and strategies. Browse their website for articles, blog posts, or any other content demonstrating their criminal defence law expertise.


  1. Schedule a Consultation

Most reputable law firms offer initial consultations. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss your case with your prospective lawyer. Pay attention to how well they listen to your concerns, how clearly they explain legal concepts and whether they display genuine interest in your case. Some may offer this service free of cost.


  1. Ask Relevant Questions

Prepare a list of questions to ask during the consultation. Inquire about their experience with similar cases, the potential strategies they might employ and their assessment of your situation. Avoid rushing through this process; a comprehensive discussion will help you make an informed decision.


  1. Discuss Fees

While cost should not be the only determining factor, you need a clear understanding of the lawyer's fee structure. Ask about billing rates, payment plans and any additional costs that might arise during your case.


  1. Consider Your Comfort Level

Trust your instincts when choosing a Calgary criminal lawyer. You'll be sharing sensitive information and relying on their guidance, so it’s essential to feel comfortable and confident in their abilities.


  1. Evaluate Their Resources

A reputable criminal defence law firm, like Muenz Criminal Law, will have a skilled legal professional team. They will also have access to resources and an expert network that aids in crafting a solid defence strategy for your case.


Choose the Right Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

Finding the right criminal defence lawyer in Calgary requires careful research, evaluation and consideration. Following the tips above can increase your chances of selecting a lawyer to provide you with the best possible representation.


Remember, your choice of lawyer can significantly impact the outcome of your case, so invest the time and effort to make an informed decision. One mistake shouldn’t ruin your life – that’s where the knowledgeable team at Muenz Criminal Law can help. With over 30 years of expertise in criminal law, you are our top priority. 


Complete our contact form or call 403-543-6666 for a free consultation and to get started on your case.

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Aug 20 2023

Impacts of being charged with sexual offence charges in Calgary.

The term “sexual offence” refers to intentionally coercing or threatening another person to engage in unwanted sexual activity. 

The weight of being charged with a sexual offence can be heavy; however, it is important to remember that a charge is an accusation – not a conviction. That said, even though you are innocent until proven guilty, the stigma of a sexual assault allegation can affect you professionally, personally and legally. A sexual assault lawyer in Calgary is your strongest resource for proving your innocence and ensuring you get the best defence possible. 

Let’s take a closer look at how sexual offence charges can impact you.

Your Professional Life

A sexual offence charge can have a profound impact on your career. Potential employers often conduct background checks, and having such charges on your record may make it hard to secure new job opportunities. Even if you are currently employed, your employer may take the charge into consideration, which could lead to job termination or strained working relationships. In certain professions, a sexual offence charge may lead to automatic suspension or revocation of licenses, further complicating your professional growth.

However, even though being charged with committing a sexual offence can create uncertainties in your professional life, remember that you can respond to this challenging time. Be proactive in seeking guidance from Calgary sexual assault lawyers who specialize in criminal defence. They can offer invaluable advice, strategize a strong defence and work towards protecting your career prospects.

Your Personal Relationships

The personal toll of a sexual offence charge can be immense. Friends and family can have difficulty processing the allegations, which can strain relationships and lead to emotional distance. The stigma attached to these charges can also lead to social isolation, as some people might choose to distance themselves from you. Additionally, intimate relationships can suffer as partners struggle to cope with the emotional weight of the charge. 

A good Calgary defence lawyer will strategize a strong defence and fight for your future in criminal court.  A great sexual assault defence lawyer will not just fight for you in court , they will also help you navigate and understand the complex legal system and give you and your loved ones the assurance that your innocence will be proven in court. While lawyers can’t be involved in your personal life, they can make the strain that it has on your personal life easier.

The Legal Sphere

Navigating the legal process surrounding sexual offence charges can be overwhelming. The Canadian legal system takes these offences seriously, and you may face criminal proceedings, arrest, bail or detention and trial. 

If you are convicted of a sexual offence, you are likely to receive a prison sentence measured in years, rather than months or days. That may mean a penitentiary sentence. Even if the sexual offence is significantly less serious, you may be sentenced to probation for a number of years, have to attend mandatory counselling, and register in the sexual offender registry. You will also receive a criminal record, affecting your employment prospects. 

During this process, it is essential to seek the assistance of a skilled sexual assault lawyer in Calgary who can provide expert guidance and work to protect your rights. A qualified lawyer can assess the evidence, build a robust defence, and negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf. 

Keep in mind that every person is considered innocent until proven guilty, and you have the right to a fair trial. It's important to maintain a positive outlook and have confidence in the justice system. Though it may be a lengthy process, your determination and resilience will carry you through. Take this opportunity to educate yourself about the legal process and empower yourself with knowledge.

Sexual Assault Lawyers in Calgary

When confronted with criminal charges, remember that you don't have to go through it alone! Muenz Criminal Law offers the best possible legal representation. Our expert team has a 30-year track record of success and will defend your rights and protect your best interests.

Call 403-543-6666 or complete our contact form to get your case started.

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Jul 11 2023

What Is Considered Sexual Assault in Calgary?

Sexual assault is a serious criminal offence. It refers to any non-consensual sexual act or behaviour that occurs without the explicit agreement of all parties involved. In Calgary, Courts recognize that consent must be freely given at the time of the sexual activity and it must be specific to the sexual acts that occur. There is no legal requirement that the consent is enthusiastic but it may be a factor in determining if consent was freely given. Any sexual activity without consent is considered sexual assault, irrespective of the relationship between the parties or the circumstances surrounding the incident.

If you’re facing sexual assault charges, contact a Calgary sexual assault lawyer immediately to get started on your defence.

Types of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can manifest in various forms, each with distinct characteristics and degrees of severity. The following are some common examples:

  • Rape: This involves the non-consensual penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth by the offender’s body part or an object.
  • Sexual Touching: Unwanted touching or groping of intimate areas without consent. It includes groping, fondling or forcibly touching the victim’s genitals or breasts.
  • Forced Sexual Acts: Any sexual act forced upon an individual, such as oral sex or anal intercourse, is considered sexual assault.
  • Sexual interference: When the sexual activity involves a youth and the accused is an adult, then the sexual activity is considered sexual assault. If the accused is in a position of authority over the victim, then it can also be considered sexual assault. 
  • Drug-facilitated Sexual Assault: This occurs when a perpetrator uses drugs or substances to incapacitate the victim, rendering them unable to provide consent. 

Sexual harassment, which encompasses unwelcome sexual advances, comments or gestures that create a hostile or intimidating environment, does not, on its own, constitute sexual assault. Physical touching or a threat thereof is required for conduct to legally constitute sexual assault

Consequences of Sexual Assault Crimes

In Calgary, sexual assault is treated seriously by courts and will lead to significant legal consequences upon conviction. While the repercussions for sexual assault crimes vary depending on the severity of the offence and the specific circumstances involved, such as:


Individuals convicted of sexual assault can face significant prison sentences, ranging from several months to many years, depending on the gravity of the crime.


In very rare instances, offenders may receive probation instead of imprisonment. Probation involves strict supervision and adherence to conditions such as attending counselling, participating in rehabilitative programs and avoiding contact with the victim. Often, probation will be ordered in addition to jail time. 

Registration as a Sex Offender

Convicted individuals will be required to register as sex offenders, which entails providing personal information to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A sex offender has to report to their local law enforcement agency annually to comply with this condition. While this is intended to safeguard communities and prevent re-offending,it is not open to the public. 

Restraining Orders

Convicted or not, an individual may have to comply with a restraining order. A restraining order prohibits the individual from contacting or being near the victim. These orders are an additional safeguard for the victim’s safety and well-being and can be ordered by civil court.

What to Do When You’re Accused of Sexual Assault

If you have been accused of a sexual assault crime, taking proactive steps to address your situation is essential.

  1. Seek Legal Representation: A Calgary sexual assault lawyer can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the legal proceedings. They will work diligently to protect your rights, mount a strong defence, and explore all available options.
  2. Get Pre-Charge Advice: If you are not yet criminally charged but the police have contacted you about an incident involving sexual activity, make sure that you get a sexual assault lawyer to talk to you about protecting yourself from any possible criminal charges.
  3. Comply with Legal Obligations: It is crucial to comply with any court-ordered obligation, such as attending court dates, going in for fingerprinting, and any no-contact and no-go conditions. Failing to comply with these obligations can lead to further charges and possible jail time. 
  4. Safeguard any relevant Records: Make sure that you keep any electronic or digital records that are relevant to your relationship and interaction with the alleged victim. You want to ensure that these records are available, should they prove that the victim is lying or misleading the police about what happened.
  5. Engage in Rehabilitative Programs: If it will help you, you may want to participate in therapy or counselling programs. In addition to facilitating personal growth, it can demonstrate a genuine desire to change. This will help you with sentencing if you are convicted or plead guilty. 

Sexual Assault Lawyers in Calgary

If you are charged with a sexual assault offence, retaining a skilled criminal defence lawyer's counsel is essential for navigating the legal complexities and protecting your rights. Richard Muenz is an experienced and highly respected Calgary sexual assault lawyer and he will provide you with the best possible representation.

Call 403-543-6666 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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Jun 21 2023

How Does It Affect Me If I Am Charged With a Sexual Offence in Calgary?

Sexual offences are punished severely due to the seriousness of the crime. Addressing sexual offences involves legal processes, law enforcement efforts, victim support, rehabilitation and public awareness. If you’re charged with a sexual offence, it’s wise to consult with a Calgary sexual assault lawyer immediately. Below, we’ll discuss how these charges can affect your future.

What Are Sexual Offences?

Sexual offences encompass a range of actions such as kissing, groping, grabbing, unwanted sexual invitations and intercourse without legal consent. Charges are determined by the nature of the actions and the intentions of the person involved while considering the consent and age of the victim. Sexual offences can include but are not limited to: 

  •  any unwanted sexual touching, kissing or intercourse
  • engaging, forcing, inviting or encouraging sexual activity with a person under 16. Silence or passivity during a sexual confrontation is not equivalent to consent. 
  • solicitation of sexual services, whether through prostitution or the use of pornographic images and videos
  •  secretly observing or recording someone or distributing intimate visual recordings of them without their consent
  • committing a sexual assault using a weapon or causing physical harm
  • producing, distributing or possessing sexually explicit materials involving a person under 18

What Happens After You’ve Been Charged?

When a sexual offence is reported, the police are required to investigate the allegations. Investigators gather evidence and build a case by interviewing the victim, accused and any witnesses. 

If you are arrested, your DNA will be taken, and you will be photographed and fingerprinted. If there is property relevant to the case, like laptops, phones or other items, they may be confiscated during your arrest. It is wise to engage the services of an experienced sexual assault lawyer in Calgary as soon as possible, as they will guide you through the process Smoothly And Help You Make Informed Decisions.

Sentencing and Convictions 

The penalties for sexual assault vary depending on the severity of the charges. They can result in hefty fines and even life imprisonment. Conviction for sexual offences often incorporates rehabilitation and treatment into the justice process. Court-ordered counselling, therapy or participation in sex offender treatment programs reduce the risk of reoffending and address underlying factors that may have led to the offence. 

Additionally, public awareness plays an essential role in preventing sex-based crimes. Under Canada’s Sexual Offender Information Registry Act, anyone convicted of a sexual offence must register, in person, on the National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) within seven days of conviction or release from prison. The NSOR is a vital tool that helps law enforcement agencies monitor the activities of convicted sex offenders within the community. Convicted sex offenders are required to re-register annually and notify the NSOR within seven days of any changes to their name or address. 

Impact on Employment and Education

Your Sexual Assault Lawyers In Calgary

Sexual offence charges can significantly affect a person’s employment and educational prospects. Individuals can face suspension, termination or restricted access to certain professions. The impact varies depending on individual circumstances, the profession and steps toward rehabilitation and personal growth. Your sexual assault lawyer can advise you on support services and help mitigate the potential long-term consequences.

Your Sexual Assault Lawyers In Calgary

Sexual offences carry significant consequences; however, it is crucial to be optimistic. The legal system is designed to ensure fairness and rehabilitation. The experienced criminal defence lawyers at Muenz Criminal Law can help you understand the nature of the charges, the legal process, potential sentencing outcomes and future impact. They can provide the necessary tools to get through this challenging situation. 

Complete our contact form or call 403-543-6666 for a free and confidential consultation. 


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Jun 20 2023

5 Things to Prepare When Meeting a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Calgary

Having the right criminal defence lawyer is crucial to protecting your rights if you have been charged with a criminal offence. It’s essential to be well prepared to make the most of your consultation and lay the foundation for a strong defence strategy tailored to your specific case. Here are five important things you should bring to your meeting with your Calgary criminal defence lawyer. 


It is essential to gather and organize all relevant documents and information beforehand to provide your criminal defence lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of your case. This will help your lawyer analyze the evidence efficiently and identify potential inconsistencies or areas for further investigation. Take the following documents with you: 

  • Police report:

Make sure to request a copy of the police report. The report contains details of the incident, witness statements, and any evidence collected by the police. It provides valuable information your lawyer needs to evaluate the charges against you.

  • Court documents:

Gather any court documents you have received, such as your charging document, summonses, bail orders, and subpoenas. These documents outline the charges, important court dates, and any restrictions or conditions you must adhere to.

  • Witness statements:

Compile witness statements or a list of people who can provide information to support your defense. Witness statements can be crucial in establishing an alternative narrative, corroborating your version of events, and undermining the credibility of the prosecution's witnesses.

  • Communication with law enforcement:

Communication can be in the form of emails, letters, or text messages and should be shared with your Calgary criminal defense lawyer. These communications can shed light on the nature of your interactions with the authorities.

  • Documentary evidence:

Collect documents such as financial records, contracts, photographs, videos, and any other evidence that supports your defense. Your lawyer will need to see all the evidence to develop the best possible defense strategy.

A young man talking to his criminal lawyers

Timeline of Events

Prepare a detailed timeline of events leading up to the incident, including relevant conversations or interactions. This information can help your Calgary criminal defence lawyer to accomplish the following: 

  • Establish an alibi that could be vital in disproving the prosecution's case
  • Challenge the prosecution's version of events if there are inconsistencies or gaps in their narrative
  • Identify anyone who may have relevant knowledge that can support your case
  • Uncover procedural errors where law enforcement may have acted improperly, like conducting an unlawful search or seizure or violating other legal requirements – procedural errors can lead to the exclusion of evidence or even the dismissal of charges
  • Develop a comprehensive defence strategy by identifying strengths and weaknesses in the prosecution's case, bolstering your defence strategy

List of Questions

Open communication and a clear understanding of your legal situation will help you make informed decisions. Here are some details to consider.

  • Ask your lawyer about their experience in cases similar to yours. Inquire about their success rate and any specialized knowledge they possess.
  • Ensure you understand the charges against you and the consequences if convicted.
  • Seek clarity on the legal process, the stages involved, key deadlines and what you should expect throughout the proceedings.
  • Be clear about their availability and how you can contact them. If they have a team, inquire about who else will be working on your case and their roles. Make sure you are comfortable with the frequency of communication. 
  • Explore defence strategies that can be used in your case. Strategies can include plea bargaining, negotiation or going to trial. Be sure you understand the associated risks and benefits.
  • Discuss attorney-client privilege, which ensures that communication between you and your lawyer remains confidential. Understand what can and cannot be disclosed without your consent.
  • Discuss their fee structure, including hourly rates, flat fees, contingency fees and any additional costs that can arise during the process. 


Open and honest communication with your Calgary criminal defence lawyer is crucial. It gives them a complete understanding of the circumstances surrounding your case. Your lawyer is ethically obligated to maintain confidentiality. Transparency protects your rights and helps them develop a robust strategy that can anticipate and address potential challenges. 

Mental and Emotional Preparedness

Criminal charges are emotionally taxing. It is essential to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally before meeting your criminal defence lawyer. Acknowledge your feelings and seek support from friends, family or professional counsellors.

Friends enjoying before going to an appointment with their specialist criminal lawyers

Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers

Preparation is key when dealing with criminal charges. The multilingual criminal defence lawyers at Muenz Criminal Law have over 25 years of expertise in criminal law. They will help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. 

Complete our contact form or call 403-543-6666 for a free consultation.

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