U.S. Waivers and Record Suspensions (Pardons)

Life After Conviction

Record Suspension (Pardons) And U.S. Waivers

Any criminal conviction has the potential to negatively affect your life long after the trial is over. It may affect your ability to get a job, volunteer, be around family or travel. However, for most people, a conviction is not supposed to be a life sentence.

My name is Rick Muenz, a Calgary criminal defence lawyer. My firm, Muenz Law Office, works closely with The Pardon Group; an association that specifically provides support and guidance for obtaining record suspensions in Calgary. Together, we will help you in your pursuit to avoid the long-term consequences of a criminal conviction.

Record Suspensions and U.S. Waivers

Together, The Pardon Group and Muenz Law Office have helped hundreds of people leave behind the stigma and obstacles posed by their criminal records. Our main collaborative services involve:

  • Record suspensions: Formerly known as a pardon, a record suspension seals your record from the public. This can be invaluable for many purposes, including getting a job and volunteering.
  • U.S. waivers: In order to be allowed into the United States when you have a conviction, you must get a waiver. Otherwise you risk being turned back if your conviction is discovered at the border.

We Address Every Concern You Have

We answer a number of questions from clients unsure about how the law applies to them, such as:

  • When will I be eligible for a record suspension for this charge?
  • Do I need a lawyer to represent me when getting a record suspension?
  • If I get a record suspension, do I have to tell a potential employer that I once had a conviction?
  • What if I’m on the sex offender registry? Will that affect my chances for a record suspension?
  • If my crime was minor shoplifting, should I tell the American authorities before trying to cross the border?
  • If I told the American authorities about my conviction a few years ago, but have since been pardoned, do I still have to get a waiver?
  • What if I’m travelling to another country and have a conviction on my record? Do I need a waiver?

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