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Impacts of being charged with sexual offence charges in Calgary.

The term “sexual offence” refers to intentionally coercing or threatening another person to engage in unwanted sexual activity. 

The weight of being charged with a sexual offence can be heavy; however, it is important to remember that a charge is an accusation – not a conviction. That said, even though you are innocent until proven guilty, the stigma of a sexual assault allegation can affect you professionally, personally and legally. A sexual assault lawyer in Calgary is your strongest resource for proving your innocence and ensuring you get the best defence possible. 

Let’s take a closer look at how sexual offence charges can impact you.

Your Professional Life

A sexual offence charge can have a profound impact on your career. Potential employers often conduct background checks, and having such charges on your record may make it hard to secure new job opportunities. Even if you are currently employed, your employer may take the charge into consideration, which could lead to job termination or strained working relationships. In certain professions, a sexual offence charge may lead to automatic suspension or revocation of licenses, further complicating your professional growth.

However, even though being charged with committing a sexual offence can create uncertainties in your professional life, remember that you can respond to this challenging time. Be proactive in seeking guidance from Calgary sexual assault lawyers who specialize in criminal defence. They can offer invaluable advice, strategize a strong defence and work towards protecting your career prospects.

Your Personal Relationships

The personal toll of a sexual offence charge can be immense. Friends and family can have difficulty processing the allegations, which can strain relationships and lead to emotional distance. The stigma attached to these charges can also lead to social isolation, as some people might choose to distance themselves from you. Additionally, intimate relationships can suffer as partners struggle to cope with the emotional weight of the charge. 

A good Calgary defence lawyer will strategize a strong defence and fight for your future in criminal court.  A great sexual assault defence lawyer will not just fight for you in court , they will also help you navigate and understand the complex legal system and give you and your loved ones the assurance that your innocence will be proven in court. While lawyers can’t be involved in your personal life, they can make the strain that it has on your personal life easier.

The Legal Sphere

Navigating the legal process surrounding sexual offence charges can be overwhelming. The Canadian legal system takes these offences seriously, and you may face criminal proceedings, arrest, bail or detention and trial. 

If you are convicted of a sexual offence, you are likely to receive a prison sentence measured in years, rather than months or days. That may mean a penitentiary sentence. Even if the sexual offence is significantly less serious, you may be sentenced to probation for a number of years, have to attend mandatory counselling, and register in the sexual offender registry. You will also receive a criminal record, affecting your employment prospects. 

During this process, it is essential to seek the assistance of a skilled sexual assault lawyer in Calgary who can provide expert guidance and work to protect your rights. A qualified lawyer can assess the evidence, build a robust defence, and negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf. 

Keep in mind that every person is considered innocent until proven guilty, and you have the right to a fair trial. It's important to maintain a positive outlook and have confidence in the justice system. Though it may be a lengthy process, your determination and resilience will carry you through. Take this opportunity to educate yourself about the legal process and empower yourself with knowledge.

Sexual Assault Lawyers in Calgary

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